We provide simple solutions for complex innovations.

The Maarcare

Behind this company, is a group of expertise in the field of pharmacuticals and business management for over 20 years; who strive to create an easier and simplier environment for your great businesses.


We are currentrly providing many solutions in the field of pharma to make pharmacy management & B2B distribution easier.

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Build a success story to be # 1 choice for Pharmacist / Distributors.


Create a Breakthrough technology solutions that improve patients & pharmacist' Life.


Characterized by the notion of "innovation" & "pharmacist focus"
It's how we make things happen for our careers and for the company.
The combination of our people and our culture differentiates us and gives MAARCARE a competitive advantage. Our culture also encourages us to treat each other with respect. And, of course, it's how we deliver on our promise to patients and pharmacist and achieve our purpose.


  • Create business value: think differently, take risks and be accountable; try something new that create value to our customers and our company
  • Act fast: we are startup so act fast to drive results that advance our purpose and shape the market. Deliver on commitments with speed, decisiveness
  • Resilience: we are startup, so you should rebound failure, learn and move forward
  • Effortless customer experience: you are responsible to deliver effortless (zero effort) customer experience in every solution or interaction with our customer

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